"Real magic exists because it's not about tricks.

It's about people." 

~ Mariano Noriega ~



Mariano’s focus in the art began at the early age of seven after being inspired by a magic show in his school. In 1997, he began his studies in the Academy of Magical Arts under the tutelage of diverse magic teachers.


Simultaneously, he learned contemporary approaches to sleight-of-hand as well as ways to research and develop entirely new systems of deception.


For the past 15 years, he has been touring the World as a private working illusionist, 

performing for world-class venues, finest hotels and elite parties. 


He has entertained millionaires and billionaires, Hollywood stars, sports heroes, intellectual icons and royal families across the continents.


Mariano has the ability to connect with his audience and let them feel his magic on a personal level.


He isn’t just an illusionist. He is an artist of amazement.



Close-up magic causes the suspension of disbelief. It awes the audience who are instantly transported back to a more innocent time when anything was possible, all you can do is astonish and smile with childlike glee.

Within touching distance objects fly, transform or just disappear in front of your eyes! 

The show is adaptable in length and can be performed in any environment, inside or out, with no requirement for any stage setup, Mariano will just mingle with the crowd.



A close-up magician can not only entertain, he can also significantly help a company to stand out at a trade show.

Many companies are not aware a magician can:


• Draw traffic to your stand

• Increase visibility and awareness

• Educate audiences regarding your products and services

• Communicate key messages in an entertaining way

• Qualify leads and pass them to your sales team if required

• Create unique magic giveaways


Mariano's bespoke magic educates and entertains prospective clients, and ensures they will remember your company.

The result is a unique form of marketing.


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